The Bay Area's Finest Cheesecakes

available in 7 delicious flavors

Bruner’s Cheesecake takes great pride in selecting the most delicious ingredients to create handmade, luscious cheesecakes for your party, event, wedding, or business get together. Our 7 flavors of distinctive cheesecakes have a rustic crumble topping over two layers of filling. We’re known for making cheesecake lovers out of people who claim they don’t love cheesecake!

What makes my cheesecakes special

2-layered filling

My 2-layered approach to the filling creates a great contrast with the sweet cream cheese and the light tartness of the sour cream. 

Premium ingredients

I use the best ingredients including Philadelphia cream cheese and Daisy sour cream to create a delightfully smooth, delicate texture with a nice crunch from my home-made Honey Maid graham cracker crust.

Crust on top and bottom

Bruner’s Cheesecakes have a crust not just on the bottom, but also on top. They have a delicate balance of butter, sugar and grahams that create cheesecake perfection.

Why Cheesecake ?

We discovered the cheesecake recipe while going through my mom’s recipes drawer, looking for a dessert to create.
We have my grandpa to thank for the recipes. He got them in the 1950s when he worked with restaurants on the East Coast.